How to Resist Temptation

Temptation is a strong desire or urges to do something or to have something and especially something that is not good or may be harmful to you. Temptations come in many forms; temptation to sin, eat unhealthy foods when dieting, watch an ungodly movie, urge to quit exercising, and many others. To resist temptation, you can try a number of ways:


  1. Know yourself

You should be vigilant to recognize your weakest areas that mostly lead you to doing what you feel you should not do. Weaknesses always lead to temptation but after you realize where your weak point is, it becomes easier to resist temptation. Many people will use to weak point to destroy you or to bring you down. It is important to learn where you get easily tempted and work on making it stronger.


  1. Stay away


Once you realize you are being tempted to doing something, stay off that thing. May it be food or events where you know the food will be served, avoid going to such places. Keeping off will help you resist temptation. You can also avoid a bad company that always lead you to having desires to do what you feel that you should not be doing. Always be ready to flee.


  1. Focus


If for instance, you are trying to lose or maintain some weight, temptations to quit or cheat in dieting happens often. The way to get through it is to focus on the main goal and that is to eat what is useful for your body and not get carried away by any other distraction. You can try and not follow the crowd, do not do things because others are doing them. Establish your values and stay focused on your goals and you will manage to resist temptation. You can learn about the complete Ketogenic diet for beginners if you’re trying to stay healthy. 


  1. Stay Busy


Just like a saying that tells of an idle mind being the devil’s workshop, it is important to keep your mind occupied with useful things. Too much idleness gives room to temptations. A busy mind will have very little time and it makes it difficult to drive you to do the things your heart feels are not right. if you are on off duty, you can try and get more hobbies that will not lead you to temptations.


  1. Overcome


Leave no room for compromise when you decide to let go or resist temptation. If you are struggling with an addiction and you are trying to overcome it, replace it with a better hobby or an activity that is good. If it’s food, replace that box of chips with grapes and every time you feel tempted to snack on the junk, remind yourself all you need is some grapes and you will overcome the temptation.


Temptation is not a sin and neither is it a bad thing, but how you handle it is what matters. Handling temptation needs a lot of discipline and knowing your worth and purpose. Once you are able to resist temptation, you feel proud of yourself and look forward to better days ahead.